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The main purpose of any logbook is to demonstrate User's experience. And ELISA's AME Logbook was designed with that simple principle in mind.

Adding tasks to Your Logbook has never been faster or easier. Just open your mobile app, click on the NEW TASK, enter the data and save.

Quickly filter and browse through Your experience and export it when required.

Designed according to EASA and FAA standards…

Besides providing a methodical way of recording work experience for users at any skill level, ELISA’s AME Logbook format meets and exceeds requirements detailed in EASA AMC 66.A.20(b)2 and FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 5, Chapter 5, paragraph 5-1135(G)

… creating value for all Users

From a trainee to a multi-licensed engineer, ELISA’s AME Logbook caters for both permanent staff and contractors i.e., each task entry is completely independent from the previous one and can be on a different aircraft/engine type, using a different skill level or license category and within a different MRO

Elisa's AME Logbook also supports recording of experience from different aircraft maintenance
enviroments such as:


AME Logbook Features

NEW TASK entry

The work is not finished until the paperwork is completed. And completing Your personal paperwork has never been faster.

  1. Just open your mobile app and click on the NEW TASK.
  2. ELISA will help You by prepopulating known fields like date and Your qualification.
  3. Start typing the aircraft type and quickly choose from the database of
    aircraft types and ATA chapters.
  4. Add the aircraft registration, task description and duration and click SAVE.

The whole process takes about 30 seconds. Let us know if You can do it faster.

AME Logbook Export

Export function offers printing of your AME Logbook.

Coupled with a powerful filter tool, You can easily decide whether to print out the whole AME Logbook or filter the printout according to one or any combination of qualification, aircraft type and dates.

Experience Overview

After You make an AME Logbook entry, ELISA calculates, sorts and lists Your experience automatically according to the aircraft type, qualification and time duration. No more book-diving, page flipping and manual counting of Your experience. Quickly glance at Your Experience tab in ELISA and learn how much work experience You have on each aircraft type.

Experience Summary

ELISA offers the Experience Summary statement printout directly from the system. This statement summarizes all the experience from Your AME Logbook and presents it in a clear and professional manner ready to print or email.

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