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Who is this for?

  • Qualified staff performing EWIS inspection, maintenance and engineering on in-service aircraft
  • EASA B2 licensed engineers,
  • FAA A&P Avionics technicians,
  • FAA IA (Avionics),
  • Unlicensed Electrics/Avionics technicians,
  • Avionics Design/Support Engineers
  • Qualified staff performing general maintenance, inspections and engineering not involving wire maintenance
  • EASA A license,
  • EASA B1 license (excluding avionics),
  • FAA A&P technicians,
  • Unlicensed mechanics,
  • Aircraft design/Support engineers (mechanical/structural)
  • Other service staff with duties in proximity to EWIS
  • Flight Crew,
  • Cabin Crew,
  • Cleaners,
  • Cargo loaders,
  • Fuelers,
  • Lavatory servicing personnel,
  • De-icing personnel,
  • Push back personnel


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