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What is ELISA?

ELISA is cloud-based, mobile and web app used by Aircraft Maintenance personnel to log and track their experience, qualification and training, as required by Aviation Authorities. Essentially, ELISA's is AME logbook. However, ELISA offers other useful functions:

1. Job search
2. Technical Training search
3. Technical Training Instructor logbook

Who can use ELISA?

ELISA has been designed for:

1. Unlicensed Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (including trainees)
2. Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (Mechanics, Avionics)
3. CAMO Engineers
4. Maintenance Control Center Engineers
5. Shops Technicians

ELISA’s database has also been tailored to provide a software solution for:

1. MRO Quality Departments
2. MRO Human Resources Departments
3. Technical Training Organizations
4. Recruitment Agencies

Why would I use ELISA?

ELISA sets a new standard and modernizes Your Aircraft Maintenance experience logging. Unlike some hard-copy products, ELISA is fully compliant with EASA AMC 66.A.20(b)2. Features that set ELISA apart from other products are:

  1. New standard of logbook created for permanent and contractor employees
  2. Can be used by all Aviation Technical personnel, from a trainee to a multi-licensed engineer
  3. Available as a mobile and web app
  4. No more unconventional, hard to scan logbook format - hard copy of Your logbook is always available through the EXPORT function in the A4 format
  5. No more flipping through hundreds of pages of a logbook to prove certain experience - EXPORT function offers a filter to quickly display, print or email all or only required type of experience
  6. No more staying late or wasting time at home trying to remember what jobs You performed to update Your hard copy logbook. Update Your ELISA logbook quickly and on the go using the mobile app.
  7. No fear of losing Your logbook. ELISA is cloud-based software which keeps Your experience saved even if You lose Your mobile phone
  8. ELISA keeps all Your training certificates and experience in one place – Your pocket
  9. ELISA offers a powerful job search tool – No more emails and phone calls by recruiters for jobs that You never applied for or are not qualified for. By putting You in the middle of the recruitment process, You control when, where and what type of job You want to be contacted for.
  10. ELISA offers an efficient technical training search tool – ELISA allows You to set Your next training requirements and lets You know when training is available.

How can I get ELISA?

ELISA is available as a mobile and web app. Simply download from Google Play or Apple Store, register and start using. Or go directly to our web app,
register and start using.

How much does ELISA costs?

ELISA mobile and web apps are FREE. However, access to the ELISA database to export, search for a job and training is subject to a yearly subscription of €20 (VAT included) after the trial period. For more info, please visit our Database Subscription page.

I am having difficulties using ELISA

For any technical issues, please refer to our in-app Help section. If You do not find what You are looking for or continue experiencing problems, please contact us directly on

I changed my phone. What do I need to do?

Simply download ELISA app on Your new phone, log in using Your credentials and You are all set. As an additional safety precaution, You can uninstall ELISA from Your old phone.

I lost my phone. What do I need to do?

Modern smart phones have a remote disable or lock & erase functions, which You can use if they are active. To secure Your ELISA account, please contact us on

What is Experience Summary?

Experience Summary is a system generated statement, based on the AME Logbook entries by the User. It is a statement printout from ELISA system used to quickly demonstrate User’s recent experience arranged per license and aircraft type. ELISA automatically compiles User’s experience of the last 24 months and organizes it on one statement saving the time to go through the whole AME Logbook and count the experience manually. It is important to note, the responsibility for the accuracy of AME Logbook and subsequently this Experience Statement lies solely on the User.

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