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Innovation moves boundaries…

Up until now, there was no genuine, widely accepted method of logging experience for Aviation Technical Instructors and Examiners. This is where ELISA’s innovative approach moves boundaries. Following the same concept as AME Logbook, entries in the Instructor Logbook allow recording of the wide variety of instruction tasks in different aircraft maintenance settings.

… and sets new standards

From Basic Training instruction to Type Training instruction, theory or practical, Structured On Job Training mentoring or even non-Part 147 training like EWIS, HF, FTS, SMS... Regardless of what You specialize in as an instructor, now You have systematic method of recording and formalizing Your experience.

Whether You are an Instructor or Part 147 Training Organization looking to digitize, centralize and standardize Your operation, ELISA is here to help You.

Instructor Logbook Features


Entering Your instructional experience is quick and easy.

  1. Just open Your mobile app and select NEW INSTRUCTION
  2. ELISA will prepopulate known fields for You
  3. Fill in the details of instruction / examination performed and click SAVE

All entries in the Technical Instructor Logbook are completely independent from the previous ones and can reflect different nature of employment (permanent or contractor), different type of instruction (Basic Training, Type Training, non.-art 147...) and within a different Training Organization.

Technical Instructor Logbook Export

Like AME Logbook, ELISA's Technical Instructor Logbook also comes with a powerful Export tool allowing You to formalize Your experience by emailing it, printing or saving locally to Your phone or computer.

In addition, ELISA will allow you to filter out the required experience according to specific time frame and instruction type, giving You a complete control over the data You share.

Experience overview

Using the same innovative algorithm as AME Logbook, ELISA calculates, sorts and lists Your experience automatically giving You a unique overview of total instruction hours in the last 6 and 24 months according to the instruction type.

In addition, ELISA will count Your continuation training hours required to stay current on instructional techniques, as required by EASA regulation.

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