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ELISA knows what it's like to get Your inbox full of uninteresting job offers not applicable for You wasting Your time and losing confidence in the current recruitment process. For this reason, ELISA uses a different approach finding You a job. Instead of having Recruiters in the middle connecting You with MROs, ELISA places You in the middle of the process, giving You complete control:

  • You decide when and for which job You want to apply for
  • You decide when and which jobs You want to be offered

...every time!

Simply, open the mobile app and let ELISA know what type of work You are looking for in job preferences. ELISA uses this information to filter out only interesting and applicable jobs for You. When the matching job is found, ELISA will send You a message with full job details.

While You are waiting for the first job offer, head over to our Job Board and proactively apply for any posted jobs. ELISA will compile all Your certificates and experience to assist with application.

Job Search Features

Job Board

ELISA's Job Board allows You to browse and apply for currently available jobs. It is updated daily by ELISA Team and provides You with all information available for each job. When You find a suitable job, simply click “Apply”.

ELISA gathers all Your certificates, AME Logbook, Experience Summary and contact info and forwards it to the Recruiter, saving Your and Recruiter’s time and expediting the whole process.

Job Preferences

Setting Your job preferences is a function which makes ELISA different. Instead being used by Recruiters, as currently is the case with other websites, job preferences in ELISA are used by You to control and filter out only applicable job offers.

In addition, ELISA never shares Your profile info with Recruiters without Your explicit consent. Your profile is only visible to You and no one else. When You receive a job offer in Your Mailbox, You decide whether You want to proceed with application and share Your details with the Recruiter, protecting Your privacy and placing You in control of the whole process.

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