MROs and Part 147 organizations

For efficiency driven Businesses

Having the correct and up-to-date information at the right time has become crucial for
goal-oriented and cost-effective business. By implementing modern and efficient
processes, ELISA provides useful application software for Quality Management, Recruitment
and Aviation Technical Training Organizations.


Quality management

Balancing between, mandatory requirements, regulation and human factor is inherently challenging however it is possible to make it a bit simpler and more manageable.

ELISA offers the same logbook type for all technical personnel within the same Company facilitating standardization and digitization of Employee records and providing seamless verification process.

Besides the experience logging system, ELISA's database also incorporates all Employee certificates, reminder for regulatory refresher training and internal messaging system in one place for fast and seamless information transmission and access.

This enhances the Quality overview and tracking of each individual experience and recency, by not only meeting but also exceeding EASA and FAA regulatory requirements.

Recruitment Management

ELISA offers innovative approach to the recruitment process. By placing the Candidate in the center of the recruitment process, a significant part of work is delegated to the Candidate and automatically done by ELISA.

As a result of this approach, Recruiter is not provided with yet another endless list of potential Candidates. ELISA only provides the list of interested, available and suitably qualified candidates legal to work in specific parts of the world.

Whether You are a Recruitment agency or an MRO looking for permanent or temporary manpower, ELISA streamlines the recruitment process, adding value to Your Business.

Part 147 Training Organizations

Running a successful Aviation Technical Training Organization relies on solid and careful planning which often includes numerous courses in different countries and sometimes on different continents. However, constantly changing nature of aviation industry, often surprises and disrupts even the most carefully planned courses.

ELISA’s database offers access to a pool of prospective Candidates or groups of Candidates for a specific course making Your course organization more efficient and cost effective.

In addition, ELISA assists in standardizing Your Organization’s day-to-day operation. Providing Your Instructors and Examiners with a brand new and innovative Instructor Logbook, ELISA offers new and intuitive method of logging Instructor and Examiner experience. This data can be used to prove experience, basic and continuation training to Civil Aviation Authority or any other auditing entity, while reducing Your organizational workload.

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