Our Team

Meet the team behind ELISA

"Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships"
- Michael Jordan

Tomislav Kovacevic

Founder & CEO

Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Technical Instructor and Examiner with 15+ years of active aviation experience, Tomislav is best described as „genuine aviation geek“ (or as he pronounces it „specialist“).

With his 15+ years of active experience in aviation, Tomislav supports ELISA in aviation technical and regulation advisory as a principal designer of ELISA and in strategic development roles.

Drazen Stopic

UI and visual design

Besides 8+ years of experience in visual design of anything aesthetic and running his own Company, Drazen can be described as a „serial attention-to-detail buff“. With his infinite well of ideas for visual and functinal improvements, Drazen supports ELISA as a principal visual developer.

Dino Kismic

Project leader

Between creating databases and managing development teams, there is little Dino can't do. And it really shows in his „yes we can“ attitude (Richard Branson must be his role model). With 20+ years of experience, Dino supports ELISA in Dev Team management and database creation/maintenance roles.

Armin Alagic

Full stack developer

Speaking in code (or better yet typing it) is Armin's specialty. Even though to most of the people it looks like hieroglyphic writing, it seems to have magic powers as it powers all ELISA functions. With 4+ years of experience and positive attitude, Armin supports ELISA as a full stack developer.