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09.12.2021 Tomislav Kovačević

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For the past few weeks, ELISA’s Team has been busy working on new the upgrades and functions of the system. One part of that upgrade is our brand new web site which aims to bring more relevant content and information to the Users.

“Since the beginning, ELISA has been evolving to provide our Users with unprecedented value and service, however this evolution might not have always been completely transparent. Therefore, our Team developed a better and differently structured web site to communicate changes with our current and future Users more effectively.” stated our Founder and CEO Mr. Tomislav Kovačević.

Besides a different structure, ELISA web site now features two new sections: Newsroom and Our Story.

Newsroom is envisioned as a central place where ELISA Users can learn about big events, milestone changes and ELISA’s achievements.

Our Story section will give more information on ELISA’s big vision, where we currently are and where we aim to be. It will feature information about our Company and the Team. This section will also list technical updates and give You a chance to communicate with us and let us know what new features You would like to see in ELISA.

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