SMS training becomes mandatory for Aircraft Maintenance Staff

22.12.2022 Tomislav Kovačević

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Following the ICAO Annex 19, on December 2, 2022, EASA introduced new regulation concerning Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organizations. This new regulation is centered around implementation of Safety Management Systems and requires a structural and operational change within Part 145 Maintenance Organization to ensure higher safety standards.

Besides management changes within Part 145 Organization, such as introduction of a Safety Manager position, one of the most prominent changes is a mandatory Safety Management Systems (SMS) training for all technical personnel within the Organization (page 9 of this EASA Guide).

According to 145.A.30 (e) and AMC1 145.A.30 (e), SMS training consists of Initial training once and Recurrent training every two years. However, since Safety Management relies mostly on our human performance, it is therefore combined with Human Factors training from December 2, 2022 

Likewise, all personnel employed from other Organizations or agencies (e.g., contractors) must have initial SMS training prior to employment, while directly employed personnel within the Organization may receive the initial SMS training within 6 months of joining the Organization. The SMS training can be done either in the classroom or online.

What does it all mean?

  • SMS training became mandatory from December 2, 2022, for all Aircraft Maintenance Staff (contractors and permanent)
  • Human Factors training no longer exists from December 2, 2022. It is now called Safety Management & Human Factors Training
  • If You still have valid Human Factors training from before, only SMS differences course is required. This SMS certificate will be valid until the current Human Factors certificate expiry. After this a Safety Management & Human Factors recurrent training will be required.
  • If Your Human Factors certificate is expiring soon, it is better and more cost effective to attend Safety Management & Human Factors initial training.
  • Continuation trainings every two years are now called recurrent trainings
  • All of these regulatory courses are available through ELISA app


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