We are live!!!

05.08.2021 Tomislav Kovačević

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After more than a year since the initial idea and a few drawings on the piece of paper, we are happy to announce ELISA is now LIVE and available as a web and mobile app (Android and iOS)!

ELISA is a brand new, modern, and intuitive electronic experience logbook for Aircraft Maintenance professionals fully compliant with EASA rules. It also features completely new to the market Aircraft Technical Instructor's logbook. However, ELISA is much more than that… Besides providing Aircraft Maintenance professionals with required logbook, ELISA also features Job Search and Technical Training Search tools. These tools work differently than anything else on the market, providing you with EXACT and CORRECT job offers ALWAYS, maintaining your privacy from recruiters until you accept the job.

Although ELISA software is primarily aimed at Licensed and Unlicensed Aircraft Maintenance professionals, it can also be used by MCC Engineers, CAMO Engineers, even Aircraft Technical Instructors.

But the best part is, due to the huge downturn in aviation due to COVID-19, ELISA is absolutely free!

for free

Get Your profile and logbook in order and
prepare for a new job…