Our story

Outdated and inefficient paper-based experience logbooks inspired us to develop a better and more efficient product. This is where our journey began.
After receiving positive feedback on our digital AME Logbook, it quickly became obvious we could use modern software technology to solve even more problems for our aircraft maintenance colleagues. That’s why we decided to upgrade and expand ELISA functionalities and cater for particularly underserved market of aircraft maintenance professionals.

ELISA's Vision

Our vision is to digitally transform aircraft maintenance training and recruitment while emphasizing
the value and competence of each individual professional.

Update history

Release date: Mar 2022

ELISA UX and visual update

Version 2.0 of ELISA now available on Google Play and App Store! 

This version comes with new lighter and uncluttered look, together with simplified menus for improved User Experience (UX). We have changed our app icon and added new exciting features:

  • New Notifications function is now available. ELISA informs You about Your certificate/license expiry or when a new job ad which matches Your profile is posted on the Job Board
  • Push notifications now available for all in-app notifications
  • Main Menu, Messages and Notifications can now be accessed from any screen in the app clicking on the icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • New modern sidebar with all app controls
  • Dark mode of ELISA now available
  • Settings screen now available to set Your app preferences
  • Feedback form now available directly from the app
  • Report a bug now possible directly from the app
Release date: Jan 2022

ELISA system-wide update

ELISA system updated with new features improving User experience:

  • Entering the NEW TASK is now even faster and easier. Implementing more automation and basic principles of machine learning into the existing system, ELISA is now able to fill DATE, AIRCRAFT TYPE, WORK TYPE and LICENSE CATEGORY fields for the User, decreasing the number of clicks required. And depending on selection of TASK TYPE, ELISA even suggests the start of the sentence in TASK DESCRIPTION filed, resulting in less typing and quicker data entry
  • AME LOGBOOK menu simplified by reducing the number of tabs
  • Main Menu now features two separate buttons for JOBS and TRAINING to facilitate new Job Board and Regulatory Training features being introduced.
  • MY PROFILE menu significantly simplified with the deletion of TRAINING RECORD and EMPLOYMENT RECORD menus. These functions were migrated under one tab called PROFESSIONAL INFO enabling quick and straightforward upload and access to all relevant documents and information
  • Job Board and all jobs related information and controls now placed under new JOBS button accessible from the Main Menu
  • Future Regulatory Training and all other training related information and controls now placed under new TRAINING button accessible from the Main Menu
Release date: Apr 2021

ELISA menu updated

  • „PREFERENCES“ function on Home screene is now called „JOBS & TRAINING“
  • „INSTRUCTOR TRAINING“ tab now added into TRAINING RECORD“ for all Users with both AME and Intructor Logbooks

Instructor Logbook upgraded

  • „Instruction Given“ information gets three more options: Regulatory training (for HF, FTS and EWIS instrucotrs), Company Procedures and Other
Release date: Oct 2020

AME Logbook upgraded

  • New „Task Types“ added in AME Logbook (SPC – Special Check, NDT – Non Distr. Test, CRS – Releasing aircraft to service, SUP – Supervising role)
  • „Duration (hrs)“ added in AME Logbook tasks to fully comply with EASA and FAA regulation
Release date: Jul 2020

AME Logbook goes live!

Users can now enter their experience in „NEW TASK“ tab, review the last 10 tasks in „TASKS“ tab and export their experience in .pdf and email it directly from ELISA using „EXPORT“ tab. Prior to exporting the experience, Users can filter the required experience by time frame, qualification and aircraft type filters or combination of all.

Instructor Logbook goes live!

First in the market, ELISA moves the boundaries and sets new standards. Logging of experience for Technical Instructors and Examiners is now possible. Similar to our AME Logbook product, Instructor Logbook features „NEW INSTRUCTION“ tab to enter the experience, „RECENT INSTRUCTION“ tab to review last 10 entries and „EXPORT“ tab to export the recorded experience in .pdf. Similar to AME Logbook, filters allow the User to search and export only specific experience

What feature would
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